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Murata Launches World’s First Ultra-Thin Waterproof Piezoelectric Speaker - Product Meets Rising Demand In Mobile Equipment Market

Ultra-Thin Waterproof Piezoelectric Speaker Smyrna, GA, August 3, 2010 - Murata Electronics North America today announced the launch of the world’s first ultra-thin waterproof piezoelectric speaker. With a thickness of only 0.9mm, this 19.5mm x 14.1mm speaker enables greater design freedom for the rapidly growing and evolving mobile market. The speaker achieves IPX7 grade waterproof protection without the need of a costly water proof acoustic membrane. Using just ordinary acoustic mesh and double sided tape to seal the speaker to the front cavity, this waterproof speaker application allows for decreased application costs, thin size, and good sound performance. The high torque nature of the speaker’s piezoelectric motor also makes it idea for operation in very small and thin back cavities where dynamic speakers struggle to operate. As such, these features make the speaker ideal for mobile phones, music players, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, IC recorders, e-books and other mobile equipment.

There have been numerous indicators that demonstrate the growing trend towards waterproofing mobile equipment. For example, of the 50 new Japanese mobile phone models announced in late 2010, almost one in four were waterproof. This trend is aided by Murata’s speaker ability to overcome the above mentioned technical and cost challenges. Specific speaker characteristics include an average sound pressure level of 92.03.0dB (1400Hz20%, 5Vrms sine wave, 10cm) and a capacitance of 0.9μF30%.

“We developed this waterproof speaker based on feedback from our customers and market trends,” said Peter Tiller, senior group product manager, Murata Electronics North America. “Too often we hear of consumers losing a phone or camera due to accidental submersion in water. We hope our new speaker will allow more mobile consumer products to be waterproof and survive life’s little accidents.”

Sample pricing of Murata’s waterproof piezoelectric speaker is approximately $2.90 in small quantities and the lead-time is 11 weeks. Further information can be found on-line at

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